At first I thought I was just going to write short reviews of the books I had read. But then I realized, the books I was reading were making me think about things a lot and I had opinions that agreed or disagreed with the authors. Sometimes I knew from having lived life in reality that some books contained lies. Mostly that happens with conservative themed books. They either lie outright, by inference, innuendo, or just how they frame the argument and what evidence they include (or not, mostly not since they are lying).

So then I thought I was just going to make short points about isolated things, however the books I was reading had too much content and complexity that just 500 words would do (and I thought hitting 500 would be hard, it’s not!) per post.

Now some of my main difficulties have been that I have taken notes in multiple notebooks about multiple books and can’t seem to find anything when I want it. Then the due date for the library comes and even after I get one or two or more extensions, there is still so much to know and think about and capture (I scan bibliographies because, yes, I need to read even more books! So many books, so little time as they say. So I started trying to type as I read which requires some juggling but seemed to be more efficient than note taking or scanning for later when I won’t remember what on that page caught my attention.

So I just go with the stream of consciousness that reading the book makes me think about until I am forced to give the books back to the library. As a bookaholic who once had over 3,000 books (alas wish I had them all back again, donated to many libraries around the country as I moved from various states to states), I have only bought a few books since my self-imposed moratorium (down to 200 or so). But this project has made me consider in buying some of the longer and complex books, used if possible to at least keep the costs down. It is so annoying when I can’t renew a book because someone else put a reserve on it. Imagine the nerve! This happened recently with a book on quantum physics! I was dumbfounded.

My main interests currently are politics (go Bernie 2016!!), the Supreme Court (hooray hooray the wretch is dead), laws being passed that are unconstitutional and how that can be so, women issues all encompassing, quantum physics, neurobiology, anything to do with water (fracking, Nestle’s water thefts, environmental costs of bottled water, Flint), too big to fail or jail, WWII (dad was a bomber pilot and was shot down and in POW camp for 18 months until liberation), religions and their history, and biographies. Too lazy to alphabetize.


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